Auditions: "The Nerd"

Matthews Opera House and Arts Center, Spearfish, SD Category: Performing Arts


Director, Joanna Mechaley, conducts auditions for “The Nerd” on Dec. 13-14, 6:30-8:30 p.m. each day in The Matthews’ theater.

Cast Requirements 7 parts – 4 men, 2 women, 1 child

WILLUM CUBBERT: (male, late 20’s to late 30’s) A professional architect, likable and sincere, unexciting and set in his ways.

TANSY McGINNIS: (female, late 20’s to late 30’s) Tansy is about to choose between her boyfriend Willum and her career as a weather girl. Tansy is bubbly, wry, and definitely her own woman.

AXEL HAMMOND: (male, late 20’s to mid 40’s) Dry, wise-cracking, irreverent, devil-may-care theater critic who has never done an anonymous favor for anyone.

WARNOCK WALDGRAVE: (male, 30’s – 50) Powerful, stern and successful businessman totally lacking in imagination. The last time Waldgrave smiled was 30 years ago, and then it was gas.

CLELIA WALDGRAVE: (female, 30’s – 40’s) Patient but strained, harried but calm, the picture of a schoolteacher almost, but not quite, stressed to her breaking point.

THOR WALDGRAVE:  (male, 9-13) The son of Warnock and Clelia Waldgrave is a bratty, temperamental, loud young monster. This role is also open to female actresses, 9-13, who would be comfortable in a male role.

RICK STEADMAN:  (male, 30’s to 40’s) Tactless, selfish, insensitive, aggravating, pointlessly dull, and the worst houseguest ever. 
Note: The actor playing Rick Steadman will be create voiceovers for 3 parts and must be able to disguise his voice.