David Allan Coe

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Iron Horse Saloon Sturgis presents David Allan Coe Saturday through Monday, August 5th - 7th at 4:00 pm each day.  Coe wrote Tanya Tucker’s 1974 US country number 1, 'Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)?'  In 1978 Johnny Paycheck had a US country number 1 with Coe’s ‘Take This Job And Shove It’, which inspired a film of the same title in 1981, and Coe’s own successes included the witty ‘Divers Do It Deeper’ (1978), ‘Jack Daniels If You Please’ (1979), ‘Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat’ (1982), ‘The Ride’ (1983), which conjures up a meeting between Coe and Hank Williams, and ‘Mona Lisa’s Lost Her Smile’ (1984), which reached number 2 on the US country charts, his highest position as a performer. Recordings with other performers include ‘Don’t Cry Darlin” and ‘This Bottle (In My Hand)’ with George Jones, ‘I’ve Already Cheated On You’ with Willie Nelson, and ‘Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands’ with Bill Anderson.  

At his best, Coe is a sensitive, intelligent writer. His stage performances with his Tennessee Hat Band differ wildly in length and quality. Coe’s main trick, however, is to remain successful, as country music fans grow exasperated with his over-the-top publicity. Click here for more information regarding David Allan Coe.


All Concerts are FREE Iron Horse Saloon Sturgis never charges a cover charge and no tickets are required. Free admission at the gate. Ages 21+ welcome.